Write On Wednesday #1: Thank you Vicki Long

Today’s Writing Prompt:  “Slowly he dropped the coin into the slot, listened to the gears turn…”

This was the very first writing prompt I ever used.  It is very special for a number of reasons.  This writing prompt was the start to my very first short story and convinced me that I needed to be a writer.  The prompt was also given to me by one of my favorite English teachers, Vicki Long.  She was smart, funny, and loved by all her students.  She gave  me so much encouragement to continue writing when everyone else told me to look toward a profession that “actually made money”.  I remember Mrs. Long really gushing over the title character’s name in the short story that I spun from the prompt.  The title character’s name was Nigel, and 13 years later I chose that very name for my son.  This prompt is so special to me and I hope that this prompt leads to  something amazing for anyone who chooses to use it.

b30e2c5e-03c6-4d38-bd4e-ebf9f4319c55Vicki Long, you are truly missed.  Thank you for being an awesome teacher!!

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