Do You Need to Go to College to Be Educated?

How many times have you run across a person who has accumulated a degree or two and can’t write a complete sentence or can’t carry on a decent conversation?  Maybe you have encountered the opposite, a extremely eloquent and intelligent person who has never set foot on a college campus.

What prompted me to write this post was running across an old resume I had prepared when I was looking for a job before going back to college.  It was loaded with experience, but the only thing it was lacking ,and what most of the jobs I was applying for required, was a degree.  Sometimes the degree didn’t even have to be in any certain field.  I had the experience, I had proven I could do the job, so what difference did it make that I didn’t have a piece of paper and a load of student loan debt?  Frustrated, went back to college.  I must admit that I love every minute of it, and I feel that I have benefited from it greatly.  I just don’t feel that it may be the right path for everyone, especially if they will continue to struggle with the costs.

Many people feel that if they can’t afford a college education or win a scholarship to ease the heavy burden of the cost of a higher education means they will miss out on gaining the information that will make them well rounded individuals.  I would like to say to those people that education is free, you just may have to pay for a degree.

Now there are so many free ways to educate yourself.  There is always your local library.  Many college students have donated their textbooks to the Goodwill and Salvation Army.  So if you are interested in what actual college students are learning in the classroom, read their books.  Read other books.  Read voraciously.  Question things and don’t believe everything you are told unless you have the information to back it up.   Find that information yourself.  If you need help, ask for it.

I do believe if you have the opportunity to go to college, take it.  Don’t let your education stop there.  True “higher” education is the education you choose for yourself.   If you don’t have an opportunity to go to college, don’t worry you can still be educated.


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