Introvert Tips

As I have mentioned in a prior post, I am an introvert.  I have grown to love it, but many people still don’t understand it.  I still feel a little uncomfortable in certain situations, but I still need to cope.  I have found some very creative and effective ways of using my introversion as an advantage.  A common misconception about introverts is that they are socially inept.  Most of us enjoy people and socializing, but on our terms.  Yet there are some who are intent on labeling us weird, shy, and antisocial.  The following are a list of things I have done to make the most of my introversion:

  1. Offer to help.  This is my main use of my introversion at parties.  This gets me out of the crowd and is usually greatly appreciated by the host, but when I am at a family gathering I just duck off into a corner with a book.  They know me.
  2. Find the other introvert in the room.  We are not hard to spot.  I have noticed that we can easily be for a shy person.  Sometimes the person wants nothing to do with me, but if the person is truly an introvert we can have a little conversation away from everyone else and everyone else will leave us alone.  And also, most introverts are looking for an “out”.  You have now helped them and helped yourself.
  3. Relax.  You aren’t doing anything wrong by being yourself so sit back and do what we do best.  If you want to take a walk outside, do it.  Search the room for inspiration for your upcoming novel (most of us are writers).
  4. Don’t be so hard on yourself.  There is nothing wrong with you so don’t act like it.  We are masters of tuning things out.  Do whatever you must to enjoy yourself.

Not everyone is going to understand you, but that is not your problem.  Enjoy yourself, love yourself, be yourself!!


3 thoughts on “Introvert Tips

  1. I love this post! I am an introvert, too, and I spent many, many years trying to be something I wasn’t (forcing myself to fake being outgoing and hating every moment of it). I finally realized (when I turned 50) that I didn’t have to be what someone else thought I should be, and it was OK to just be myself.

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