Don’t Sacrifice Health For Convenience: Eating REAL Fast Food


We have all done it.  Fast food restaurants make it so easy with their drive thrus and dollar menus.  I fell into that trap when my son was an infant.  As soon as I stopped breast-feeding I turned to fast food.  It was so easy.  While I was driving around running errands and my little one was sound asleep in the car seat, I would pull into the closest drive-in restaurant, park, place my order, and enjoy a huge burger, fries or tator tots, and huge fountain drink in some strange blue color.  This was what I found peaceful.  I didn’t have to get out of the car, my son could sleep, and I was getting pleasure from my meal.  The crazy thing was that I would find the time to make my son a healthy meal and my husband and I felt that we were treating ourselves with junk food.  Quicker than I thought possible the pounds were piling on.  I had won such praise for losing all of my baby weight plus 15 extra only to gain it all back.

When I began my new healthier lifestyle, I began observing other healthy people.  The one thing I noticed was that they always had food with them – a little bag of almonds, a small container of fruit, a granola bar, etc.  All the time I felt that I could not swap the convenience of a drive-in for real food, but actually what is more convenient than having your own  REAL fast food with you.  So I took the advice of a fitness trainer friend of mine who seemed to have a limitless supply of food on his person (actually he kept a cooler in his truck stocked with fruit, baked chicken, nuts, grapes, you name it).  He told me that I shouldn’t be caught without healthy snacks and that you should never resort to eating junk when you could just as easily go to a grocery store and grab a healthy snack.  Then he added, “Is it going to kill you to get out of your car and walk a few paces?”  That made me feel really lazy, but he was absolutely right.

So I purchased a cute little pink cooler of my own and I began carrying around my own “fast food”.   Whenever I want something to eat I  just reach in and grab something healthy.  I try to keep it with me most days, but when I am without it I no longer succumb to the drive thru.  I now will get out of my car and walk the few paces to a grocery store or farmers’ market and get something real.

I would like to challenge all of us to choose REAL fast food.  Keep some nuts in you purse or car to hold off that hunger until you can get your hands on something healthy.  If you want to make a stop at a grocery store make sure that if you are buying fruit and or vegetables to eat, keep some fruit and veggie wash with you.  You can also make your own.  I would suggest if you are always on the go to keep a cooler with your healthy favorites.  Be a REAL fast food junkie!!!


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