Pick Your Battles Not Your Nose

I took my son to a movie.  We sat down and waited for the movie to start.  In front of us came a group of women with an even larger group of children.  They sat in front of us, but before they sat the children and women stood in front of their seats while their mothers first, thoroughly wiped down each child’s seat with a lint brush, then dolled out a generous squirt of hand sanitizer to each child.  I along with the other parents in the theater glanced at each other with looks of both annoyance and inadequacy.  One woman even said, “I wish had done that”.   I thought to myself  “Who does that?” Then I wondered if I should have done that.  My son, husband, I just plopped down in ours seats without a second thought about lint or what ever else a lint brush removed from theater seats.  So as I began to second guess my parenting skills, I watched the same group of germ-fighting moms pass out jumbo packs of candy to each child.  Immediately I sat a little higher in my in my lint infested seat because inside my over-sized purse were zip-lock bags of raw almonds and bottles of distilled water that I could not take out until the lights were turned down because I smuggled them in.  Instead of worrying about what may possibly get on my child from the theater seats, I was more concerned what was going into him.

So I felt a little better about not lint rolling our seats.  I chose to make sure my child was not only enjoying his movie experience, but also getting a healthy snack.  My son loves raw almonds and he gets a kick out of Mommy sneaking snacks into the movies.  I picked my battle that day.  Although I feel that the other mom’s were also doing a great job of protecting their kids, I was also doing the same in a different way.

Once the movie started and I noisily removed the zip-lock bags and water bottles from my purse under the cover of darkness,  I judged that my purse was big enough for a lint roller and hand sanitizer.  Maybe I will bring them next time and I hope that the moms in front of me will take a tip from me and chose a healthier snack option.  We can all learn from each other.

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