Create Your Own Place

A good friend of mine who is also a stay at home mother of three boys told me that she just wanted to find a place in her home that she could feel girly.  She said that she was surrounded by testosterone and had to be careful in making her decorating choices because she wanted to make sure that things weren’t too feminine.  I had to remind her that she also lived in the home and why shouldn’t she have some feminine space.  I male friend of mine suffered from same problem so he created a “man cave”.  I thought it was strange that I had never heard of women creating women caves (maybe that’s what craft rooms are).

I told my lady friend  that she should find a place in her home that she could call her own.  She told me that she didn’t need an entire room, she just wanted to see some pretty, feminine things in her home and a little place where she could sit and enjoy them.  So she chose a little corner in her bedroom.  In it she placed a soft pink comfy chair with an off-white lace-covered footstool, a floor lamp, and a little basket of paperback books.  She said that small space has made a huge difference.  She calls it her retreat.  She said that she is the only one allowed to sit in her personal corner.  She even recently placed a little rug to “mark her territory”.  No one is allowed to even step into her space.  It’s all her own.

(I don’t have a picture of my friend’s corner, but you can get an idea by clicking this link.)

I would like to challenge all of us to find our own personal spaces.  It does not even have to be indoors.  It could be a spot in your garden.  What it should definitely be is all yours.  Don’t feel guilty about claiming your own personal space.  We are the most productive when we are comfortable and surrounded by things we love.

Maud Hart Lovelace

“This was Betsy and Tacy’s private corner. Betsy’s mother was a great believer in people having private corners, and the piano box was plainly meant to belong to Betsy and Tacy, for it fitted them so snugly.”
― Maud Hart LovelaceBetsy-Tacy

2 thoughts on “Create Your Own Place

  1. Another perspective, one with which I’ve aligned for years. Rather than a physical space, I’ve created same in my mind. When I choose to, I go there, mindfully. My own sanctuary. 🙂

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