Give it a Second Chance


I attended a new church today.  I haven’t been to church in a while because I get a little overwhelmed (I’m an introvert). Although I had distanced myself from regular church service, I feel that I have maintained my spiritual connection with God. Today I realized that I missed that fellowship with other people.  Since I am relatively new to the congregation I didn’t talk to anyone other than the director of the children’s service when I collected my son, but it was nice to be surrounded by such positive energy.   I didn’t feel as overwhelmed as I had before.  I’m not sure if it was because of the church or because I have changed in some way.

Toward the end of service, the pastor began to mention that there where several opportunities for the members to serve on one of the various committees.  I felt the familiar urge to hide and try to make myself invisible accompanied by a feeling of obligation.   Those two opposing forces were always the main source of my discomfort. There is nothing I shy away from more than working in a group and in my experience with church, group activities seemed to be the only available way to be an asset to the church.  Then the pastor said that it will be up to the individual to decide and that no one will come and hunt you down and pressure you into anything. Then I began to relax.  It was that pressure to participate in some smaller auxiliary committee that led me away from church in the first place.  I love to help, but I prefer to do it on my own or at least the way I want to.  So I guess in that way I have remained the same.

I am glad that I have given church another chance.  Much to my surprise, just sitting in the congregation no longer gave me that overwhelming feeling of general discomfort.  I actually enjoyed myself much more than I had anticipated and am looking forward to next Sunday.

I would like to challenge all of us to give something that we may have written off,  given up on , or discarded another chance. If there is something that turned you off in the past, try approaching it differently.  You may have a whole new perspective on it.  You may surprise yourself and enjoy it.



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