Write on Wednesday #5


Today’s Writing Prompt:  The best way to describe me is…

One of my good friends posted this on his blog today.  It is amazing because I was searching for a prompt for today and I was immediately led to his blog.  Then I thought of ways to describe myself and I was finding it very easy, but when I asked my brother to describe me he had a totally different set of qualities.  Then I wondered how could what I think about myself be so different than what others thought of me.  Actually it really doesn’t matter.  I am satisfied with myself, but I will continue to be a work in progress.  Nonetheless, it makes for an interesting writing concept.  It think it would be great to write down a set of qualities you feel you possess and then poll a few of your friends and see if they come up with the same things.  Then write  your feelings about the differences.

4 thoughts on “Write on Wednesday #5

  1. Well, I am reading a book these days- Now, discover your strengths by Marcus Buckingham et al, and it asks you to choose your strengths from the 34 given in the book and tells how to improve upon that. You might like that, just food for thought. 🙂

  2. This is good stuff. I actually take many of my clients through a similar though expanded, exploratory exercise. It often does for them just what you experienced. What you’ve gleaned from the process is important: you are satisfied with yourself and you consider yourself a work in progress. Both positive and forward leaning declarations. How might you make this an even stronger affirmation? 🙂 Thanks for choosing to share this with your readers!

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