Enjoying the Final Days of Summer

2013-05-11 11.42.04

Just relaxing on the porch


I have been absent from this blog to enjoy the last few days before school starts.    My computer’s main use has been for ordering school supplies, books, and scheduling meals for the upcoming weeks.  Luckily, I had many of the clearanced school supplies I bought last year and only had to purchase a few items.  I have been very busy, but it has also been very exciting.  My son will be starting 2nd grade and he is thrilled that he will be learning to take notes.  We met his teacher last week and she is just as excited.  My son and I have been planning his lunches and picking out his outfits.  He wants to  wear a tie at least one day a week.  We’ll see how that goes.

I will be starting my fall semester on Thursday and am equally as excited as my son.  I really miss school during the summer.  I am looking forward to the reading and the studying and the new people I will be meeting and reuniting with those I have been sharing classes with in the past.  I look forward to blogging about some new things.  I’m sure I will have plenty of fresh ideas.


4 thoughts on “Enjoying the Final Days of Summer

    • Thank you. It is was very peaceful. The birds were chirping and there was a slight breeze that carried the scent of an upcoming rain. I love those kind of days.

  1. My boyfriend’s daughter is starting second grade too! We are excited. I can’t wait to take her school clothes shopping

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