Packing a Lunch


I was packing a lunch for my son this morning and I flashed back to the night before when I was in the store getting the last of his school supplies.  I was peeking into other people’s shopping carts and scoping out what they were buying and wondering if what they were purchasing would wind up in a child’s lunch boxes.  Then I wondered what  influenced those particular selections.  Then I started to think of other possible alternatives for my son.  Here are the three questions I ask myself as I plan my son’s lunches:

  1. Will it “go bad” before lunchtime?
  2. Is it healthy?
  3. Is he going to like it?

I usually pack things like celery sticks, nut butters, grapes, and things like that.  I steer clear of processed foods.  Although my son has never complained, I would like to switch it up a bit.  Any suggestions?

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