Good Stuff : Staying Focused

The first week back to school is now over.  Now my son and I have brand new and exciting things to learn and do.  He and I have been very busy.  My son loves his new teacher and I am thrilled with all of my classes.  I am so glad that my son has the same passion I have for  learning .  He learned from his teacher last week that his class will be learning to take notes and that is all he has been talking about.  I have always told him that knowledge is power, but with great power comes great responsibility.keep-calm-and-stay-focused-36

I am now teaching him to fight through distractions to help him focus on his tasks as I had difficulty with this in the past.  My problem was that all of the distractions were in my own head.  I have learned to work around it.  It seems that I need a lot of outside activity to focus.  I tend to write and study in a noisy room.  I find it difficult to work in quiet, but it seems the opposite for my son.  Certain tasks he can complete within seconds, but others take some time if there are outside distractions like other children.  Working in a group is distracting to him.  He seems to only be distracted in writing exercises, but not with math (I had the some problem, but it was the total opposite.  I could drown out distractions when I was working on writing projects, but I would become extremely distracted when working on math).  Although, my son is an honor roll student, I don’t want this to become a problem for him.  I am opened to suggestions.

My son loves to read and is extremely focused when he is reading.  I know he is capable of focusing,  He has had this issue with focusing on a task in the past, but I didn’t last the entire school term.  It would usually happen close to the beginning.  Still, I don’t want it to hinder him.  I hope I am not overreacting, but I want to be proactive so it will not grow into something that will disrupt his academic success.



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