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Morality: Is it subject to circumstance?


In my last Write on Wednesday post the prompt was to write about what you would do if you did not have your would not have any consequences to your actions and how would you feel about it.  This lead me to ask myself the same question and not as just an writing exercise, but to really understand  the reasons why I am who I am.  This process led me to create a series of posts on morality and what I have observed in myself and others.

Many years ago after the infamous Rodney King incident and the looting and destruction that followed, I heard may others say that if they were in the midst of the rioting they too would have grabbed a TV or a VCR.  I was surprised as many of the people who said they would shoplift during a riot wouldn’t shoplift under any normal circumstances.  To me stealing is stealing whether everyone else is doing it or not.   What makes it any different if the storefronts of businesses were smashed open and all of the merchandise was insecure?  Is your moral code subject to  circumstance and is that acceptable?

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The Flow of Writing and CLOUD

I think I will try this.  I used to believe in organic writing, but outlining is much better and I love order.  I have been struggling to find one that I am comfortable with.


The Flow of Writing and CLOUD.

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Write On Wednesday #12


Today’s Writing Prompt:  You have been given the chance to do whatever you wanted without any consequences.  What would you do and how would you feel about it?

Writing Prompt Addendum:  Draw a personal morality diagram.  What directs your moral compass?*

Have you ever wondered how good of a person you would be if you could get away with anything?  Would we be the same people if the judgement of others played no role in our lives?  As much as I want to believe that I make my choices based on what I feel is best for me, I often take into consideration what others may think.  It is not the main consideration, but it is a consideration nonetheless.  Is our moral code linked to the idea of being judged?  It would be an interesting exercise to draw a morality diagram.

*a blog post on this subject will be forthcoming. 

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Feeling Good is Contagious

I had an acquaintance who was notorious for being in a bad mood and seemed to find pleasure in sharing all of her problems and maladies with other people.  Quickly she became a person that everyone wanted to avoid.  No one wanted to simply ask her how she was doing because they would be in for a half-hour-long list of complaints about various aches and pains, family and marriage problems, etc..  One day I witnessed my good friend Bob, ask this person how she was doing.  My friend Bob is a spry septuagenarian who is the picture of good health and is always in an amazing mood.  The reply Bob was given was the usual litany of ailments and horrible experiences along with a detailed account of her upcoming knee surgery that, in her opinion, would probably make her knee worse.  Then something truly amazing happened.  Bob said, “Well I’m sorry to hear that, but I feel wonderful”.  This comment totally rattled her.  She just stood there silent for a while.  Then she began to talk about how her knee was not bothering her as much as it had been in the past and that she was looking forward to the surgery.  Then she went on to describe some of the things that she hadn’t been able to do that she couldn’t wait to try after her knee replacement.

Misery is not the only thing that loves company.  We must all share our good feelings too.  Facebook and Twitter posts that throw out all of our frustrations about life can be funny at times, but I would like to challenge all of us to publicize all of the good things that happen in our lives.   Consciously minimize broadcasting  the negative things and Ac-cent-Tchu-ate the Positive!

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Write on Wednesday #11


Today’s Writing Prompt:  Write about what you would do if you won the lottery.  Who would you share it with?  What problems will you face?  How will it change your life?


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Getting Out of the Office

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I need distractions in order to focus.  When I need to get a lot of work done it is very helpful for me not to be alone.  That doesn’t mean that I would like to interact with the other people in the room, but I do much less daydreaming and actually focus on my task when I am actively tuning out my surroundings.  I’m not sure what that means and I’m really not interested in figuring it out because it works for me.  Recently, I went to my local Starbucks because I am addicted to the Pumpkin Spice Latte (I will skip a meal in order to have one) and I got so much work done.  There was good music playing and it was nice to be around other working/relaxing people.  There were others with their laptops pecking away, and some  were  reading.  It was very nice.  I think I will try to do this at least once a week.

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Write on Wednesday #10


Today’s Writing Prompt: Create your dream job.  It can be as outrageous as you want (unicorn wrangler, sorceress, etc), then write a cover letter and resume detailing your skills and strengths.

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Embracing Vulnerability


I believe that when most people think of vulnerability they think of weakness.  I have recently learned that vulnerability is the single thing that can open the doors to so many rewarding possibilities in life.  Can you truly love someone if they are afraid to be vulnerable?  Can you truly be loved if you close of parts of yourself?  By holding back we are blocking our blessings.

I worked with someone who was a habitual liar.  This person lied about big things and small things.  It was truly heartbreaking because this person had such a desire to belong and to be liked, but he was doing himself a disservice.  There was absolutely no chance of anyone getting to know and appreciate him as a person because of his need to hide behind deception.  Ultimately, this person lost his job over something he lied about.  The mistake he made would not have gotten him fired, but the fact that he lied about it did.  Had this person admitted his mistake, he would have gotten help, learned from his mistake, and possibly improved on his overall work performance.  Not only that, he would have established some respect from his fellow workers.

In the past I have been afraid to be vulnerable.  I was often told my many of my acquaintances how I initially seemed unapproachable.  It wasn’t until they got to know me that they began to like me.  I had no idea why anyone would have that perception of me.  I later realized it wasn’t until I was comfortable that I allowed  my guard to come down.  I was not fully appreciated until I was vulnerable.

Vulnerability is power.  When you let go of the fear of exposure and embrace everything about you wonderful things will happen.  It is such a liberating experience.  Imagine having to hide nothing.  Accepting yourself and whatever you may perceive as flaws is true love and you should accept nothing less for yourself.

I would like to challenge all of us to take a good look at ourselves and ask ourselves if there is anything about us that we feel is in any way shameful or embarrassing and own it.  We may want to change it, but it is still a part of us. Until we can make those changes we are still a valuable asset to society.   We need to love ourselves in order to be loved in the way we deserve.   Remember that we are all works in progress, but in order to progress we may need to tear down some walls and allow a little light to shine in.

Paulo Coelho

“The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility.”
― Paulo CoelhoEleven Minutes
Criss Jami

“To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.”
― Criss Jami