Reaping the Benefits


I have been challenging myself to step outside of my comfort zone so I can enjoy a more fulfilling life and now I am reaping the benefits!  I am truly amazed by how many exciting opportunities have come my way.  My challenge has been to not let my introversion hinder my personal development.  I realized that over time I have hid behind my introversion and used it as an excuse to not challenge myself to go for the things I want in life.  Slowly I began to inch a little further away from the security of my own personal space and now the opportunities I’ve always wanted are within my grasp.  I am thankful to say that many of the things I have always wanted are now in the palm of my hand!  Although this process took some getting used to, it was more than worth it.

I am now receiving job offers, invitations, compliments, all because I was willing to put up with a fleeting discomfort.  Just a small change has made a huge and positive outlook on my life.

I would like to challenge all of us to get past whatever it is that is preventing us from reaching our full potential.  We all may need to put up with a fleeting discomfort to place ourselves within reach of what we want and deserve.  Planting a garden can be hard work.  You may have to endure the hot sun, an aching back, and a war with pests and insects that are threatening your output, but once you are able to reap the benefits of your hard work, those pains and obstacles seem minute in comparison to your bountiful harvest.


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