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Morality: Is it subject to circumstance?


In my last Write on Wednesday post the prompt was to write about what you would do if you did not have your would not have any consequences to your actions and how would you feel about it.  This lead me to ask myself the same question and not as just an writing exercise, but to really understand  the reasons why I am who I am.  This process led me to create a series of posts on morality and what I have observed in myself and others.

Many years ago after the infamous Rodney King incident and the looting and destruction that followed, I heard may others say that if they were in the midst of the rioting they too would have grabbed a TV or a VCR.  I was surprised as many of the people who said they would shoplift during a riot wouldn’t shoplift under any normal circumstances.  To me stealing is stealing whether everyone else is doing it or not.   What makes it any different if the storefronts of businesses were smashed open and all of the merchandise was insecure?  Is your moral code subject to  circumstance and is that acceptable?



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