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Write on Wednesday # 16


Today’s writing prompt:  If you were given 1/4 if the living space you currently have, what would you keep and what would you get rid of?

This writing prompt is a little bit different.  It’s not so much a writing exercise as it is a personal exercise.  What is really important to you and what could you live without?  I have recently taken inventory of all of the things I have and made some surprisingly easy decisions that involved getting rid of a substantial amount of my belongings.  I feel so much better.  It is amazing how just clearing out some unnecessary items can brighten your home and your life.

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Compliments: Just Take it


How many times have you been complimented only to shoot it down and respond with a list of reasons why you don’t deserve the compliment?

Person A:  You look great today?

Person B:  Really.  I don’t know why.  I feel terrible.


Person A:  You did a really good job on that presentation.

Person B:  Well I just threw this together in the last minute.  I barely got through it.

In both cases a simple thank you would have been sufficient.  Why is it that some of us feel compelled to throw away a perfectly good compliment and reply with a self-deprecating retort.  Is it so hard to see that we deserve and are entitled to the appreciation and respect of others?  It isn’t.  We are worth all the good things that come to us, including compliments.  Even if we feel we don’t deserve them it is not our jobs to take the power of a compliment away from the one giving it.  Obviously there is something in you the other person feels worthy of praise.  Just accept it.

I would like to encourage all of us to appreciate and accept compliments.  They are the little blessing that may not be visible to us, but are seen by others.  So just take it.

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Intuition: Trust Yourself

Throughout my process of learning more about myself I have found that I as well as many all people possess  valuable gifts.  One of the most valuable gifts is intuition.   I have learned that there are certain things that just can not be explained and although it has been a struggle to accept this, I am working on it and getting better at it everyday.  I have learned to begin trusting my intuition.  My entire life it has never failed me.  Most of the difficult learning experiences and challenges that I have faced are because  I ignored my intuition.

My definition of intuition is knowing  or having a feeling about something that you can’t explain.  Our need to place a label on everything leads us to believe that our intuition should be ignored because there appears to be no rational reason for it.  Some things can’t be explained, but that does not mean that it should be ignored.  Over the years I lost a lot of my intuitive abilities because I did not act on them, but I have experienced an awakening of my gift.  I have learned to trust that I intuitively know what is best for me.

I would like to encourage all of us to trust our intuition.  It may seem scary at first, but that gut reaction is there for a reason even if you can’t explain it.