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Getting Back on Track


Thursday I had a major wake up call.  The day after taking my last final and the first day of my winter break,  I was in the emergency room.  I was so sick that I was truly scared.  I ached from head to toe.  What had started as just an irritating dry cough had turned into an uncontrollable force.  I had not been taking care of myself and this was the result.

I often brag about not getting sick.  It has been over twenty years since I had the flu.  From what the emergency room doctor told me what I had was not the flu, but some other equally horrible viral syndrome.  After being diagnosed and given a prescription that I was not going to fill, I went home.  I spent the next four days in bed coughing and thinking about the weeks that led to my sickness.  I was finishing up my last two weeks of the semester, studying for finals, and writing papers.  I was so preoccupied with my studies that I neglected my health.  I was living on coffee, the occasional (or not so occasional) doughnut, and it seemed that every student organization was having a bake sale that needed my support.  I had stopped juicing for at least a week, I skipped my morning workout at least four times, and was staying up later and getting up earlier every day.  My body could not work with what I was giving it and it finally gave out.

Now that I am recuperating, I am on a mission to get back on track.  I have already felt the results.  Although I am not quite 100%,  I am much better.  I’ve started detoxing my system and pushing out all of the bad and replacing it with good.  I have learned a very valuable lesson.  No matter how busy I get, my health will always be a priority.


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