Good Stuff: Planning


I am normally not the most patient person.  It is something I have been working on, but one thing that I feel that I have a pretty good handle on is time management.  If you manage your time you eliminate the need to rush.  Since I have a problem with patience, one way I can remedy getting myself unnecessarily upset is by planning.  It has been my experience that rushing only stresses you out.  By giving yourself some extra time to get things done, you can eliminate that stress.

I always give myself a fifteen minute cushion for everything.  Most times I am the first person to an event, class, etc.  There are times when life throws something in your path and that fifteen minute head start saves you from being late.  I have a pet peeve for lateness.  I make it a point to be on time or at least a little early.  It just give me a sense of relief to know that I am on time and I hate to rush.


One day, on the way to school, I was nearly run off the road by another car speeding to get ahead of me.   As the car passed, I notices that the young lady driving was a student in my class.  As I reached campus, I pulled into a parking space and seconds later the same young lady parked beside me.  We had arrived at almost the exact same time.  Actually, I was there first.  Then as I sat down in the classroom, class starts and about five minutes into the professor’s lecture, in walks the young lady who was in such a hurry.  She was late.  All of that rushing did absolutely no good.  She could have possibly caused an accident in her haste to get to a class.  That type of impatience is dangerous.

I would like to challenge all of you to take the time necessary to have a productive day.  Plan accordingly.  Make arrangements for the times you may not be able to meet a deadline or a meeting.  You owe it to yourself.  Take your time.  Time is infinite.  It will never run out.

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