I Did It!: Following your Instincts


I graduated last week!  I am so happy about that.  It took 20 years to do, but it all happened exactly when it was supposed to.

For a long time I beat myself up for choosing to work after my first year of college and then putting off completing my degree for so many years.  Now I am thankful for the decisions I made.  We can always make the best out of life’s situations.  I have had the opportunity to meet so many interesting people of all ages and backgrounds.  I truly appreciate the value of an education so much more now that I am older.  I have a much better understanding of my purpose in life.  At this age, I am able to focus my attention on my personal goals and aspirations.  I trust my instincts rather than following the path that is expected of me.  My instincts have never guided me in the wrong direction.

Although I have graduated, I am still learning.  I still write papers and read books.  I just can’t help it.  I have just started T. D. Jakes’ book Instinct.  I really love it.  In this book it confirms what I have only recently taken advantage of.  Proper use of your instincts are the key to having a successful and fulfilling life. We all can take advantage of this gift.  Here are some ways to do so:

  • What are you drawn to?  I have always been attracted to the beautiful things.  Now what is beautiful to me is sometimes not conventional, but that is  okay.  I love fashion, interior design, architecture, and all creative arts.  I have been told that I have good fashion sense and I am a HGTV junkie, but I’ve never pursued a career where I could exercise those gifts because I felt I had nothing to offer because I had no formal training.  Now I know that is a bunch of bologna.  My first professional writing job was for a Home and Garden publication.  There is a way for me to follow that instinct.  It may not be as a fashion designer or interior designer (or it could be) but I can put that passion into action in another form.
  • Who do you spend time with?  Oftentimes you are drawn to people who feed your soul.  You may have been instinctively drawn to a person who shared a passion of yours or was actively involved in something that was of interest to you.  It may be because they offered stimulating conversation.  Assess your friendships and acquaintances and decide what it is about them that attracted you.  This may be a key in discovering you true instincts
  • Instincts are not urges. One can easily be tricked into thinking that it is your instincts telling you to eat a whole half gallon of ice cream because you may have a calcium deficiency, but that is not the case.  Normally, your instincts have the potential for permanent satisfaction.  Urges only offer temporary pleasure.

These are just a few ways of learning how to trust your instincts.  I would like to encourage all of us to pay attention to that little voice inside of us.  We owe it to ourselves to figure out our purpose and unlock the key to true happiness and prosperity.

I am looking forward to writing more posts.  Thank you to all of my followers!

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