The Eye of the Beholder


I would like to share a story a much older friend of mine once told me.  She said a friend of hers who was so embarrassed by the spider veins on her legs that she never wore shorts or skirts out in public.  She would wear them if she was in her home or out in her yard gardening.  She didn’t experience any discomfort as a result to the various shades of purple that covered her legs other than  how she felt others would react to them.  One day her grandson came over for a visit on a hot summer day and wanted to spend some time outside.  Wanting to accommodate her grandson she told him to wait while she put on a pair of shorts.  As she exited her bedroom wearing her shorts, her grandson shouted, “Grandma!  Look at your legs!”

She sadly looked down at her legs and said, “I know honey.”

Then her grandson said, “They’re beautiful!  They have flowers all over them!”

There are times in life when we allow our insecurities to rob others of the chance of experiencing our unique beauty.  I would like to challenge all of us to share our beauty with the world.  Become your own personal standard of beauty and love it.


6 thoughts on “The Eye of the Beholder

  1. At 38-years-old, I still have baby teeth (incisors) right in front. I have never been to the dentist and I used to be extremely self-conscious about them. I love to smile, but for a long time it was a very tight-lipped one. I was trying to hide those two tiny little teeth. One day I just refused to do it anymore. I am always complimented on my smile. No one notices that I have baby teeth until I tell them. Even when I point them out, I get responses like “Oh that is so cute!” Now I love my little baby teeth and I pray they don’t fall out. 🙂

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