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I have been in a very intense discussion with a good friend of mine about consistency.  After giving him a speech about how he should not expect certain results without being consistent, I thought about my neglect of this blog.

I started this blog as a personal accountability tool.  I wanted something that would help me organize my thoughts and force me to write something that I felt was in some way meaningful on a regular basis.  With all of my good intentions, I have not followed my own advice.   I am ashamed of myself, but I am persistent.  I will not give up on this blog.  I was not prepared for how much I would enjoy this blog and I was not aware of how this blog kept me on top of many other things in my life.

When I was consistently posting to this site, I was eating better, I was writing every day, I was trying new things and learning from fellow bloggers.  This blog was something that I truly needed in my life. Letting it go made me aware of that. This blog held me accountable.

I recently rejoined the workforce full-time and I have had some challenges adjusting to my new schedule after being a stay-at-home mom for 8 years.  This blog and many other things have taken a hit.  I have also fallen back into some of my poor eating habits, but I am getting it together.  I love my job and I find it very rewarding, but I still need that time to nurture my creativity, mind, and body.  This post is the beginning of my doing.  I will be consistent.

I would like to encourage all of us to make take the first step to consistency.  It does not have to be today, but do it soon.  You may be struggling in your relationships, diet, academics, etc., because you are not taking the time you deserve to make positive steps toward your goals.  I urge you to make a vow to yourself to do!



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