Persistence is the cousin of consistency, but they are very different.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been struggling with consistency, but I have been persistent.  I’ve noticed that my goals in life have not changed, but I have an issue with long-term commitment.  I have been successful in many things, but eventually I tend to slow down and it takes some time for me to reach my full potential.

I have fallen into the habit if putting things off.  Without having deadlines, I have become a bit of a slacker.  I have been putting of so many things and have started to fall into another dangerous habit of putting my needs last.  One thing I am thankful for is my ability to recognize it when it happens.  It started with the light weight gain, headaches, and other signs that my body was telling me that it was being neglected.  Surely, it was upsetting, but I had to do something about it.  I couldn’t let it go on.  I had to practice the things that I had in the past.  I couldn’t let my slight, but evident regression discourage me.

Many of us struggle with various things in our lives, but we must be persistent in the pursuit of our goals.  We can’t let the past effect positive changes we can make today.  Falling behind should not stop us from running, walking, or crawling to the finish line.

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