Write on Wednesday #25


Today’s Writing Prompt:  Imagine that one of your favorite mythical characters or animals actually existed.  What would you do?

This writing prompt was inspired by an extremely funny and sort of sad incident that I experienced with a coworker years ago.  My coworker, who was a very intelligent and articulate man with a serious drug problem, told me a very interesting story.  I came in to work one day this coworker  began to tell me that he saw a unicorn in the parking lot.  He went on to describe how beautiful the unicorn was and that it came within an inch of his face before running away.  Then he said he ran after the unicorn for a while before losing him.  My coworker had the most convincing tone and coupled with my ignorance of his drug problem, I was becoming excited.  I really wanted there to be a unicorn in the parking lot (I knew better, but a girl can still hope).  As a child I loved unicorns and always hoped they were real, but later that day I found out about my coworker’s drug problem.  After telling his unicorn story to several other people, he was asked to take some time off and was referred to a drug addiction and recovery program.


This prompt is for all those who are still hoping for the existence of unicorns.


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