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Write on Wednesday #39


Today’s Writing Prompt:  Write a thank you note.

Have you ever been so thankful for something that you could barely put it into words?  For this writing exercise do just that.  Write about something you are thankful for.  It could be a gift, a kind word, anything.

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The Thrill of Inclusion

“No culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive.” ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi Being included may not always be thrilling. Yet most of us, I suspect, appreciate being invited and involved.…

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In many of my posts I mention how I am a work in progress.  I am on a constant journey toward becoming the best and happiest person I can be.  Part of that process is reconnecting with things that make me happy.  Years ago I began restoring furniture.  I would find an old ratty, damaged piece and make it look brand new again.  Sometimes I would re-purpose it into something entirely different, or I would simply restore it.  I had such pride in the finished product and looked forward to my next project.  The whole process was invigorating.  I would search antique markets, thrift stores, and yard sales for the perfect piece, then I would plan what I would do with it.  I took pleasure in selecting my tools, paint, fixture, and various accouterments to make the piece complete.  I really threw myself into it.  I would spend hours making it just right and I loved every minute of it.  Some of the items I would give away as gifts and some I would keep for myself.  Nonetheless, I felt a sense of accomplishment with the finished product.  It was not only the act of creating something, but the entire experience.  I used my time for something that fed my soul.


As I have mentioned in other posts, I went through a very challenging period a few years ago.  I really disconnected at that time.  I disconnected from my passions, friends, and myself.  I stopped doing many of the things that made me happy.  I stopped communicating and spending time with my friends because I was embarrassed by who I had become.  I had become overweight, sad, and just not a pleasant person to be around.  I had lost all motivation to live.  I was merely existing.


Thankfully, I made it through that challenging period and I am continuing to reconnect with the things and the people I love.  Recently, I reconnected with a very good friend who shares my interest in restoring furniture.  Just seeing some of the things he’s done made me want to get back into restoring furniture too.  I had collected several pieces that were just quietly waiting in my shed in the hopes they would eventually see the light of day.  A couple of weeks ago, I pulled out an old vanity that belonged to my great-great aunt.  It was in okay condition, but required a lot of work.  I gratefully welcomed the challenge.  It wasn’t my best work as I have been out of practice for a while, but I was still very proud of it.  There are a few more things I need to do to it, but I was so thrilled by the way it turned out I couldn’t wait to take a picture of the almost finished product.

Before vanityafter vanity

vanity accessories

Reconnecting with my hobby and my friend have had amazing results on my soul. Renewing the friendship has led me to reestablish other relationships and connect to the part of me that was truly living life.

I would like to challenge all of us to reconnect to some of the good people and things we may have disconnected from.  As we reconnect, we may find even more food for our souls.

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The feng shui guide to decluttering | Well+Good

Before Marie Kondo, there was Karen Kingston—and the space-clearing guru is back with an updated version of her feng shui bible.

Source: The feng shui guide to decluttering | Well+Good

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Write on Wednesday #38


Today’s Writing Prompt:  Write about a visual.

I few years ago I took a class called Writing about the Arts.  I absolutely loved the class and it was taught by one of my favorite professors.  We went to museums, concerts, plays, etc., and had to write about each event.  It was refreshing to do this different type of writing that welcomed me to use all of my senses.

For this writing prompt find a painting, play, concert, or any visual art to write about.


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5 Ways Music Enhances Your Mood and Health | The Chopra Center

I can’t get through my day without music.  I have a playlist for every story I write.  Music means a lot to me and I truly believe in its health benefits.Music isn’t just a source of entertainment; it can benefit your physical, mental, and emotional health, too. Here are five positive influences that music can have on your mind and body.

Source: 5 Ways Music Enhances Your Mood and Health | The Chopra Center

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Write on Wednesday #37


My grandmother told me so many interesting stories.  She and I had a wonderful relationship. I often wondered what it would have been like to see what she saw and do some of the things she did.  I also wondered what it would have been like if we were the same age and I was able to experience what it would have been like to grow up with her as my friend.  We had so many of the same interests and I am sure we would have had a great time.

Today’s Writing Prompt:  Take a journey back and time and write a story from the perspective of one of your grandparents’ friends. Create adventures, experiences based on what you know of your grandparents or how you imagined them to be.

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You Are A Writer

I absolutely loved this post!  Thanks Rachel Poli!


Hello. This is just a friendly reminder that you are a writer. You are a great writer. You don’t have anything published? That’s okay. You still wrote something. Just because you don…

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#MondayBlogs Six Ways to Write Efficiently for Full-Time Workers

Intro: Let’s face it. Authors are lucky if they write full time. The majority of writers work full-time jobs and then start writing afterward. Today’s guest blogger is tackling how full-time worker…

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