Me time


I absolutely need “Me” time.  It is a necessity and I grab it any way I can. Sometimes I just go to the bathroom for about 15 minutes and just stand there.  It sounds crazy but, I need that time throughout day.  I will take a 10 minute walk outside, or I will just close the door of my office just to stare at the ceiling and just enjoy the silence.  I encourage my employees to do the same.  On a nice sunny day it is part of their jobs to spend 10 minutes outside if they choose to.  If they do not want to go outside, they must find something non-work related to do for 10 minutes.  Allowing this “me” time is very important for anyone to be productive.

I would like to encourage all of us to find that time.  If you are an employer, offer the same to your employees.  They will be thankful and more productive.

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