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Push It Real Good


During my journey to a healthier lifestyle I realized that my previous attempts were thwarted by feeling that I had to throw out everything I loved and replace it with something that I didn’t.  That is why my previous successes were short lived.  I still craved the foods and activities that made me unhealthy, and found it difficult to give them up.  Eventually, I went back to them.  Now I have a new outlook on life, and am no longer interested in unnaturally rapid results.  Slow progress is still progress.  The the progress I have been making now is permanent.

What has truly helped me is learning why the things that were making me unhealthy were bad.  I read books, searched the web, watched documentaries, and talked to doctors and health professionals about what did and did not belong in your body.  After doing this, I found it very hard to put harmful things in and on my body.  Although I was equipped with all of this new knowledge about some of the harmful ingredients in my food, I was still craving them and submitting to those cravings.  As I learned about the harmful things is some of the things I was putting in an on my body, I was also learning about things that are extremely beneficial to my health.  Although it was difficult completely cut out all of the products and foods that gave me comfort, it was very easy to incorporate some new good things.

Many of the resources that I used taught me a lot about how much our wonderful earth provides for use.  There are so many naturally wonderful things that we can use to make us healthy.  As I began to learn about these things, I gradually incorporated them into my diet, my beauty routines, and my entire life.  The more good I put in, the more bad was pushed out.   I didn’t feel like I was giving up anything.  I literally pushed out  the junk.

The more I added healthier, natural products and foods into my life, I began to loose the unhealthy cravings I had for the harmful things.  Seeing the way these healthier more natural things positively changed my life was an added bonus.

What I would like to do is to challenge all of us to add something healthy too our lives.  Don’t focus on taking something away.  In my opinion, that is a blueprint for failure.  If you are focused on eliminating all of the things that you love out of your life, you can’t help but feel deprived.  Instead find some wonderful things to add to it.  It is much more fun and eventually all those harmful things will have no place in or on your body.  You will have lasting satisfaction and success.