There have been many changes in my life recently and surely and hopefully there will be more.  As I continue on my journey, I look for new and exciting ways to reset when I get stuck in a rut.  One rut I was stuck in was beginning to show up in every area of my life.  I was not eating the way I should.

Since returning to the workforce a little over 2 years ago.  I slowly began trading my healthy clean food for quick and easy solutions.  A few pounds started to find there way back to the places I had worked so hard to keep them away from. My skin started to break out again, I was tired and irritable, and I was catching colds.  It was clear that I needed to reboot!

A couple of days ago I purchased another juicer.  I gave my old juicer to my brother.  I remember when I got my first juicer and made my own juice everyday with fresh fruits and vegetables.  I felt great and I didn’t have those annoying cravings for junk.  Now I am back on track and my son has jumped on the bandwagon with me.  I have so much energy and I am getting back in the groove.

I have also made meal plans for the week and beyond.  What a difference!

Now that I have so much more energy and a renewed spirit, I will also be writing more blog posts (another thing I had quit doing in my slump).  I have so many wonderful experiences to share.

I would like all of us to find little ways to reboot.  We should search for those things that make us happy and do what it takes to add them in our lives.  Sometimes you need to reboot or build a tribe to help you along the way.  Whatever the case my be, renew and refresh!


I Love this Artist


Prints and original wood burnings by San Francisco artist Nidhi Chanani

10 Things You Need to Know About Real Love – The Minds Journal

This article really spoke to me.  I hope it will speak to others.Many people want to be in relationships, without really having a clue what it is all about or what they’re all about. Real love is akin to getting married, having babies, or even getting a dog. Many people have some romantic fantasy about all these things without looking at the work involved or the responsibility or the commitment required.

Source: 10 Things You Need to Know About Real Love – The Minds Journal

Embracing Vulnerability


I believe that when most people think of vulnerability they think of weakness.  I have recently learned that vulnerability is the single thing that can open the doors to so many rewarding possibilities in life.  Can you truly love someone if they are afraid to be vulnerable?  Can you truly be loved if you close of parts of yourself?  By holding back we are blocking our blessings.

I worked with someone who was a habitual liar.  This person lied about big things and small things.  It was truly heartbreaking because this person had such a desire to belong and to be liked, but he was doing himself a disservice.  There was absolutely no chance of anyone getting to know and appreciate him as a person because of his need to hide behind deception.  Ultimately, this person lost his job over something he lied about.  The mistake he made would not have gotten him fired, but the fact that he lied about it did.  Had this person admitted his mistake, he would have gotten help, learned from his mistake, and possibly improved on his overall work performance.  Not only that, he would have established some respect from his fellow workers.

In the past I have been afraid to be vulnerable.  I was often told my many of my acquaintances how I initially seemed unapproachable.  It wasn’t until they got to know me that they began to like me.  I had no idea why anyone would have that perception of me.  I later realized it wasn’t until I was comfortable that I allowed  my guard to come down.  I was not fully appreciated until I was vulnerable.

Vulnerability is power.  When you let go of the fear of exposure and embrace everything about you wonderful things will happen.  It is such a liberating experience.  Imagine having to hide nothing.  Accepting yourself and whatever you may perceive as flaws is true love and you should accept nothing less for yourself.

I would like to challenge all of us to take a good look at ourselves and ask ourselves if there is anything about us that we feel is in any way shameful or embarrassing and own it.  We may want to change it, but it is still a part of us. Until we can make those changes we are still a valuable asset to society.   We need to love ourselves in order to be loved in the way we deserve.   Remember that we are all works in progress, but in order to progress we may need to tear down some walls and allow a little light to shine in.

Paulo Coelho

“The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility.”
― Paulo CoelhoEleven Minutes
Criss Jami

“To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.”
― Criss Jami

Are You Accepting the Unacceptable?


There are countless images and of men and women, adults and children standing in front of a mirror with uneasy looks on their faces contemplating whether or not they are good enough, attractive enough etc.  Of course the answer is yes, but unfortunately many of us do not know this.  Then there is that group of people who are outside of what society deems normal or conventional who have embraced their differences and love themselves exactly the way they are and I think this is wonderful.  We should all make it a goal to get to that point in our lives where we on willing to accept ourselves as individuals and not a carbon copy of what is considered normal.  One thing I have a problem with is this attitude of accepting being confused with settling for less than you deserve.

There have been times in my life where I have just given up on progress and called it acceptance.  There are so many of us who have done so.  Have you ever uttered any of the following things?

  • I’m just not the type to…
  • That’s just not in my genes.
  • I just have to realize that I’m not…

This is what I call accepting the unacceptable.  Acceptance is not an excuse to limit ourselves.    Acceptance should not mean that hope is lost on making changes to things you can change.  I know there are things you can’t change,  (as technology and medical procedures continue to advance, there may be new possibilities in the future) so instead of accepting them, love them.

Some people compare themselves to others, and wonder “Why can’t I be like that?” This is the time to accept who you are and be grateful for it.  We all posses unique qualities that are equally as amazing as any celebrity or athlete.  All we have to do is be willing to seek them out.  We are all works in progress.  Continue to reach higher. Determination and faith in ourselves can break through any barrier.  There is nothing preventing us from reaching our goals.  Don’t accept less than you deserve.