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There have been many changes in my life recently and surely and hopefully there will be more.  As I continue on my journey, I look for new and exciting ways to reset when I get stuck in a rut.  One rut I was stuck in was beginning to show up in every area of my life.  I was not eating the way I should.

Since returning to the workforce a little over 2 years ago.  I slowly began trading my healthy clean food for quick and easy solutions.  A few pounds started to find their way back to the places I had worked so hard to keep them away from. My skin started to break out again, I was tired and irritable, and I was catching colds.  It was clear that I needed to reboot!

A couple of days ago I purchased another juicer.  I gave my old juicer to my brother.  I remember when I got my first juicer and made my own juice everyday with fresh fruits and vegetables.  I felt great and I didn’t have those annoying cravings for junk.  Now I am back on track and my son has jumped on the bandwagon with me.  I have so much energy and I am getting back in the groove.

I have also made meal plans for the week and beyond.  What a difference!

Now that I have so much more energy and a renewed spirit, I will also be writing more blog posts (another thing I had quit doing in my slump).  I have so many wonderful experiences to share.

I would like all of us to find little ways to reboot.  We should search for those things that make us happy and do what it takes to add them in our lives.  Sometimes you need to reboot or build a tribe to help you along the way.  Whatever the case my be, renew and refresh!

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Good Stuff: Chia Seeds

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One of my favorite cleansing foods are chia seeds.  I love the nutty flavor of them and I especially love the health benefits.  Not only are they delicious, they expand up to 10 times their size and form a bulky gel that gives you that feeling of fullness.  This could be very helpful to those of us who are looking for a way to feel fuller faster.  Like many gelatinous foods, chia seeds bind to the bad things in your digestive tract and escorts them right out of your body.  What I love most about them is how convenient they are.  Here are some ways you can use them:


  • Sprinkle them on anything.  I do this a lot.  I toss them in with a salad, add them to a smoothie, or mix them in with yogurt.
  • Chia Shots.  This is something I do when I am in a rush.  I scoop in a teaspoon and a half of chia seeds in a small glass, add water and drink it down.  I then follow with more water and continue to drink water throughout the day.
  • Find a great recipe.  I don’t use many recipes personally, but feel free to click the link for some ideas.

I have also found that chia seeds are a gentle laxative if you are constipated.  Without being too graphic, you will have a normal, but very productive bowel movement after eating chia seeds.  In other words, you will not go running to the bathroom, but when you finally do, you will very satisfied with the results.

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Is Eating Healthy Making You an Oddball?


I pack my son’s lunch for school.  When he started kindergarten and I became acquainted with some of the other students’ mothers, I got several questions about my son’s eating habits.  Many of them wanted to know if there was a reason for such a healthy lunch and if he had some sort of digestive problem.  What was really perplexing to them was my son’s declination of candy and other sugary snacks.  I simply told them the reason for my son’s healthy choices was preventative so he would not develop any problems in the future.  I could not believe the comments I received after.  Some of the mothers said that although it was fine that I was giving my son healthy food, I should also allow him to be a kid.  Some felt that I was depriving my son of something just because was not given food that is known to be harmful.  Of course I didn’t care and neither did my son.  My son loves food – real food.  I made a decision early on that I did not want to get him accustomed to eating junk.  I also did not want my son to feel like an outsider for being healthy.  So I had to make another decision and that was to find other moms like me.

The wonderful thing about finding healthy people is that they are very easy to spot.  They are best looking with the clearest complexions and shiniest and healthiest hair.  I began striking up conversations with these people and sharing my experiences with them.  Then I began to develop a community of people that understood my family’s health decisions and did not see our lifestyle as one of deprivation.

What I would like to challenge all of us to do is to place yourself in the company of those who understand and appreciate your choices.  Making positive decisions in your life can be difficult.  Not everyone has come to a point in their lives where health is a priority.  Sometimes, in an attempt to justify their choices, they will try to make what you are doing seem unnatural.  All we have to do is look at the evidence of our healthy lifestyle and its benefits.  Just tune them out and surround yourselves with those who support and encourage you.  We hope that the rest of those in the world will realizes that we all reap what we sow, but until then we can’t let negative comments and judgments pressure us into fitting in with a group.  Find a new group or create your own.

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Is “That” Making You Fat?


The majority of my life I have considered myself a relatively healthy eater.  Aside from my brief slip into the fast food drive-in abyss after the birth of my child, I was always a fan of fruits and vegetables.  I never had a sweet tooth.  Certainly, I had the occasional craving, but I never stocked candy, chips, and sodas in my home.  When I started to retain fat, I was baffled.  After getting over my dependence on the drive-in restaurant, I lost a few pounds, but I still retained a considerable amount of fat.  So I began to examine my diet closely.

I was eating what I considered a balanced diet with all the major food groups.  I was exercising daily, but I still retained an undesirable amount of fat.  I wasn’t eating “junk” (candy, chips, sugary drinks, desserts, etc.), but I was still very giggly.  I even cut back on my calories and portion sizes.  Beneath the fat I could feel the hard muscle underneath so I knew the exercise was strengthening my body and I felt better, but didn’t look toned.  I had to figure out what was keeping me fat.

Although I rarely ate sugary foods I loved starches.  I loved potatoes.  I didn’t eat them fried or smothered in cheese, but just plain with the skin on for extra fiber.  I also loved pasta, but I felt I was doing a good thing by only getting the multi-grain variety and eating it with tons of veggies.  I believe I had a starch with every meal.  I needed a starch with every meal for it to be complete.  I could not eat beef  without a potato.  I couldn’t eat chicken or fish  without pasta or rice.  If I didn’t have pasta, rice, or a potato, I had to have some kind of bread.  I realized that the one thing  I felt I could not have a meal without was making me fat.  I was consuming too many carbohydrates.

I realize that carbohydrates are necessary in your diet, but I was over doing it.  I had to have a bite of  potato with every bite of steak.  I had to have a spoonful of rice with every bite of fish and and a mouthful of pasta with every bite of chicken. If the starch on my plate ran out before the meat, I had to get more before I could finish.  I was saying things like “I have to get some more rice to eat with the rest of this fish”.  So I needed more of “that” (starch) just to finish my meal.  I had a dependency on starch.  Have you ever said while eating a meal,”I just need a little more potatoes to eat with this steak”?  If you feel that need something just to finish a meal, “that” may be making you fat.  It may not be starch like it was for me.  It could be a glass of wine or a beer or maybe a big cold glass of iced tea.  It is the  common factor in all your meals and you may be over doing it.  If you feel that you are doing all the right things to maintain or achieve a healthy weight and not seeing the results, take a good look “that”.

Once I realized that I had a carb dependency, I began to cut back.  I put myself on a carb budget.  As I had hoped, I started to lose fat.  All of the muscle I had been working on was becoming visible.  My carbohydrate dependency was making me fat.

I still eat carbohydrates and I feel that we all should, but I have learned how to eat them effectively.  Carbohydrates now work with me, not against me.

What I would like to challenge all of us to do is to find out what our “that” is.  We are all different.  I know plenty of people who can eat tons of pasta, rice, and potatoes and don’t gain fat.  I am not one of them.  We have to find out or own personal diet plans and not be discouraged when something that seems to work for everyone else does not work for us.

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Push It Real Good


During my journey to a healthier lifestyle I realized that my previous attempts were thwarted by feeling that I had to throw out everything I loved and replace it with something that I didn’t.  That is why my previous successes were short lived.  I still craved the foods and activities that made me unhealthy, and found it difficult to give them up.  Eventually, I went back to them.  Now I have a new outlook on life, and am no longer interested in unnaturally rapid results.  Slow progress is still progress.  The the progress I have been making now is permanent.

What has truly helped me is learning why the things that were making me unhealthy were bad.  I read books, searched the web, watched documentaries, and talked to doctors and health professionals about what did and did not belong in your body.  After doing this, I found it very hard to put harmful things in and on my body.  Although I was equipped with all of this new knowledge about some of the harmful ingredients in my food, I was still craving them and submitting to those cravings.  As I learned about the harmful things is some of the things I was putting in an on my body, I was also learning about things that are extremely beneficial to my health.  Although it was difficult completely cut out all of the products and foods that gave me comfort, it was very easy to incorporate some new good things.

Many of the resources that I used taught me a lot about how much our wonderful earth provides for use.  There are so many naturally wonderful things that we can use to make us healthy.  As I began to learn about these things, I gradually incorporated them into my diet, my beauty routines, and my entire life.  The more good I put in, the more bad was pushed out.   I didn’t feel like I was giving up anything.  I literally pushed out  the junk.

The more I added healthier, natural products and foods into my life, I began to loose the unhealthy cravings I had for the harmful things.  Seeing the way these healthier more natural things positively changed my life was an added bonus.

What I would like to do is to challenge all of us to add something healthy too our lives.  Don’t focus on taking something away.  In my opinion, that is a blueprint for failure.  If you are focused on eliminating all of the things that you love out of your life, you can’t help but feel deprived.  Instead find some wonderful things to add to it.  It is much more fun and eventually all those harmful things will have no place in or on your body.  You will have lasting satisfaction and success.