Is Instagram helping me lose weight?


As I mentioned in my last post, I am very open to new experiences.  The most recent new experience has been with Instagram. My cousin loves to cook and so do I, but cooking was one of the things I stopped enjoying when during my season of unfortunate events.  Fortunately, with some inspiration from the culinary artistry of my cousin, I revived my joy of cooking.

Recently, my cousin  has also been challenging me to learn more about social media.  I had opened several accounts in the past, but rarely attended to them.  One social media outlet neither of us  had tried was Instagram.  So, we both opened accounts and began learning what it was all about.  I can’t speak for him, but I was hooked. He suggested that I post some of the food I was cooking on Instagram.  I couldn’t wait.  So I posted my first dish.  I made sure that every morsel was placed perfectly, that the lighting was just right, the plate was attractive, but not so much that it over shadowed the food.  Then I posted my culinary masterpiece. The whole staging process took about 15 minutes.  It was beautiful and I was so proud of it.  The portion was adequate, but not too much.  There was a lot of greenery to make it pop and the presentation was lovely.  Then I ate it and was satisfied.  Now the amazing thing was the portion size.  The portion I staged for the photo was about half the size I would have chosen for myself had I not planned to photograph it.  Also, from plate to mouth there was at least a 15 minute time span. As I mentioned, the portion was adequate and I was satisfied after eating it.  I took time to really savor the food before I ate it.  I took in the beauty of the creation before consuming it. Taking that time quelled my appetite and I was able to enjoy and be satiated with a much smaller portion.  I supplemented part of my desire for the food by taking the time to prepare and admire it.  Additionally, the need to add color and visual interest to the dish caused me to add more vegetables.  In a sense, Instagram is helping me eat healthier.

So far I have only posted two dishes to Instagram, but I have still been preparing my meals as if they are going to be posted to Instagram.  I take time to prepare it, admire it, and eat it.  Taking to time to truly enjoy the experience satisfies me. A larger portion of food only filled my belly, but savoring the experience fills my soul.

I would like to challenge all of us to stop, admire, and savor all of our creations. Use all of your senses. Allow your soul to be fed.


Are you really overweight?


I recently found out about height-to-weight ratio being more accurate that BMI.  It really made sense to me. Before I decided to change my eating habits to live a healthier life, according to my BMI, I was obese.  Even at my heaviest I didn’t look obese.  I will admit I was out of shape, but obese? No.  Then I was told to check out height-to-weight ratio.  When I did it proved that I was at a healthy weight for my height and build.  This made me feel a whole lot better, and took a lot of pressure off of me to get down to what I felt to be a healthy weight.  I still had some major changes to make, but I did not have to loose a ton of weight to be considered healthy.


We have to use a little common sense when it concerns our health and well being.  Deep down we know what is best for us even when we choose to dismiss it.  Had I believed that I was overweight because of my BMI, I would still be trying to loose extra pounds and thinking that I was not as healthy as I was supposed to be.  There are so many healthy people who are much heavier than what is often considered a healthy weight.  There are many factors to consider, but what I would challenge all of us to do is to take an accurate assessment of  your health.  Regardless of what is on the scale, if you aren’t sick, you are doing something right.  Work on what is on the inside and the outside will naturally follow.