Write on Wednesday #46


Today’s Writing Prompt:  Let me tell you something!

Have you ever had an argument, but long after the argument ends you think of all the things you could have said.  Write about it.  Tell that person what your really meant.


Write on Wednesday #47

prayers answered


Today’s Writing Prompt:

Imagine that today you woke up and all of your prayers had been answered and all of your wishes had been granted.  Was it all you expected it to be?  What would your day or the rest of your life look like?  Who would you thank for it?  Have fun with it!

Write on Wednesday #44


Today’s Writing Prompt: Convince someone to join your team.

I have very few friends who love to read and I am constantly trying to convince them of the importance of being a voracious reader. I find it hard to understand why some of my just do not love to read. My friends also try to convince me the do some of the things they enjoy. I have one friend who loves camping, not in a camper, but outside on the ground in a tent. I love nature and being outdoors, but there is something about going to sleep in the woods with only a thin piece of fabric separating me from any other thing that is out in the woods does not appeal to me. She is constantly telling me that it is so wonderful, but I am not convinced.

For this writing prompt, write a convincing argument on why someone should try something you enjoy.

Write on Wednesday #43

past-lives (1)

Today’s Writing Prompt:  Write your own history.

I have always wondered about my ancestors.  I have been able to go back as far as about five or six generations, but that’s it.  I have often been told stories about how I am a decedent of this person or that person, but I never knew if it was true.  Maybe my history isn’t as exciting as it has been told to me.  The writer in my says it can be as exciting as I make it.  Create your own history as you imagine it to be.  You can start with your last name.  Create an origin and start from there, or it could be a family trait that many of you family members share.  Be very creative.

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Write on Wednesday #41


Today’s Writing Prompt: Take the title of the last book you read and come up with another story based on that title.

Write on Wednesday #38


Today’s Writing Prompt:  Write about a visual.

I few years ago I took a class called Writing about the Arts.  I absolutely loved the class and it was taught by one of my favorite professors.  We went to museums, concerts, plays, etc., and had to write about each event.  It was refreshing to do this different type of writing that welcomed me to use all of my senses.

For this writing prompt find a painting, play, concert, or any visual art to write about.


Write on Wednesday #36


Writing Prompt:  Write a poem.

When I was a preteen, I wrote poetry all the time.  Some of it was good and some of it was not so good.  When I was in the 7th grade, I won a poetry contest.  Shortly after, it stopped writing poetry.  I believe I stopped because I was getting closer to deciding about college and possible career paths and, was constantly discouraged from pursuing a writing career.  It was not until my final year of college, I had an assignment to write a poem for my creative writing class.  My that poem was chosen by my professor to be included in that year’s Southern Literary Festival.

I believe all writers have a poem inside them.  Use this writing prompt to get it out.