Write on Wednesday #45


Today’s Writing Prompt:  On this day…

Today is a very special day for me.  Over 40 years ago, my best friend was born.  She is an amazing, beautiful, and successful woman and I am so glad that she is a part of my life.

For today’s writing prompt, pick a day that is special for you and find out what other things happened on that day in history.  Use this to inspire your writing.  I have listed a few links below to help get you started.






Write on Wednesday #44


Today’s Writing Prompt: Convince someone to join your team.

I have very few friends who love to read and I am constantly trying to convince them of the importance of being a voracious reader. I find it hard to understand why some of my just do not love to read. My friends also try to convince me the do some of the things they enjoy. I have one friend who loves camping, not in a camper, but outside on the ground in a tent. I love nature and being outdoors, but there is something about going to sleep in the woods with only a thin piece of fabric separating me from any other thing that is out in the woods does not appeal to me. She is constantly telling me that it is so wonderful, but I am not convinced.

For this writing prompt, write a convincing argument on why someone should try something you enjoy.

Write on Wednesday #42


Today’s Writing Prompt:  What if…?

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you got the man/woman of your dreams, won the lottery, been born with a special talent?  For today’s writing prompt write about what that would be like.  If you would like a little more of a challenge, write about how having the thing you’ve always wanted made your life worse.


Write on Wednesday #41


Today’s Writing Prompt: Take the title of the last book you read and come up with another story based on that title.

Write on Wednesday #40


Today’s Writing Prompt:  You are the expert

Is there something that you are really good at?  For this writing exercise write a manual on how to do the thing you do best.

Write on Wednesday #39


Today’s Writing Prompt:  Write a thank you note.

Have you ever been so thankful for something that you could barely put it into words?  For this writing exercise do just that.  Write about something you are thankful for.  It could be a gift, a kind word, anything.

Write on Wednesday #38


Today’s Writing Prompt:  Write about a visual.

I few years ago I took a class called Writing about the Arts.  I absolutely loved the class and it was taught by one of my favorite professors.  We went to museums, concerts, plays, etc., and had to write about each event.  It was refreshing to do this different type of writing that welcomed me to use all of my senses.

For this writing prompt find a painting, play, concert, or any visual art to write about.